Okto | Event System

Quickly send and receive events. Make your code more modular, so you can add more features!


Okto provides an event system for developers. It allows you to send events through a topic and receive them in other scripts which you have indicated are interested in the same topic. Okto operates without requiring those who send event to know about whoever is interested in receiving events. This results in cleaner, more modular and decoupled code.

Three Communication Types

  • Publishers and Subscribers - Broadcast messages from publishers to all subscribers.
  • Clients and Providers - Make requests and get responses from providers.
  • Queue Consumers and Producers - Place messages in a queue to be consumed later.

Debug Visualizer

Visualize your game entities to analyse how your components are connected. Keep game objects from growing out of control.

Intuitive Documentation

Read through the documentation and try the demo scenes to understand the power of Okto. Keep up to date with the changelog to learn about new features & improvements.


Okto has an almost complete test coverage.

Trust Okto to handle the connections for you. Focus on making games!

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